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View the status of individual Wordbee Translator services and components.
Service status
Last update - 2 minutes ago

Internet - Up

We constantly check Internet availability from over a hundred geographical locations. The figures below show current maximum latency for loading a single Wordbee Translator page. Average load times from your location: Response time world map. Note that connection issues, unless across the board, are generally due to Internet issues in a country or city.


: Australia East

5303 ms


: Brazil South

3183 ms


: Central US

2452 ms


: East Asia

3696 ms


: East US

1849 ms


: France Central

362 ms


: France Central (Formerly France South)

740 ms


: Japan East

4635 ms


: North Central US

2194 ms


: North Europe

607 ms


: South Central US

2510 ms


: Southeast Asia

2882 ms


: UK South

270 ms


: UK West

492 ms


: West Europe

164 ms


: West US

3053 ms

Wordbee Translator - Up

The accessibility of the Wordbee Translator user interface. This comprises the web interface and accessibility of your files, segments, translations, projects and other data.

File Storage - Up

Responsible for storing and retrieving your source files, translations and attachments.

Segments Storage - Up

Responsible for storing, searching and retrieving segments and their translations.

Business Data - Up

Responsible for storing management data such as people, projects, jobs, configurations and more.

Services - Up

The status of services required for certain operations such as marking files online, creating a project or running a spell check or PDF conversion. If these services are down you can still access the Wordbee Translator web interface and most of your data.

PDF converter - Up

Provides the functionality to convert PDF files to Word documents.

Spell Checker - Up

Provides spell check services in the translation editor as well as the QA check.

Email notifications - Up

Responsible for dispatching emails that are created by the system.

Business Analytics - Up

Responsible for aggregating recent business data for visualization in the Business Analytics reports.

Background Operations - Up

Responsible for asynchronous or longer running operations such as: Mark file for translation, Submit client order, Preview translations, QA checks and similar.

API - Up

Indicates the availability of Wordbee APIs. As a developer you may interact with one of the Wordbee APIs. The most common APIs are the "System API" and the "User API".

Beebox API - Up

Enables (your) Beebox installations to exchange data with your Wordbee Translator platform.

System API - Up

The System API lets you retrieve and manipulate (almost) any data of the system: Projects, Jobs, Clients, Suppliers, Workflows, Invoices, Word counts, Memories, Translations.

User API - Up

The User API gives access to a limited set of Wordbee Translator features and data. It expects regular Wordbee Translator credentials when connecting.