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View real-time status and availability information of the Wordbee Translator system and its APIs.
Current Status
Last update - 2 minutes ago
Internet - Up

We constantly check Internet availability from over a hundred geographical locations. The figures below show current maximum latency for loading a single Wordbee Translator page. Average load times from your location: Response time world map. Note that connection issues, unless across the board, are generally due to Internet issues in a country or city.

Wordbee Translator - Up

The accessibility of the Wordbee Translator user interface. This comprises the web interface and accessibility of your files, segments, translations, projects and other data.

Services - Up

The status of services required for certain operations such as marking files online, creating a project or running a spell check or PDF conversion. If these services are down you can still access the Wordbee Translator web interface and most of your data.

API - Up

Indicates the availability of Wordbee APIs. As a developer you may interact with one of the Wordbee APIs. The most common APIs are the "System API" and the "User API".

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